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How We Do It?

How can we offer high quality prescription glasses for R995?

James Bensen’s glasses are of the finest quality – designed and manufactured on the same production lines as branded frames you find at your local optometrist!

Prescription eyewear is controlled by a few large companies who basically over profit at the consumers expense. These companies pay royalties and licence fees to brand owners to produce frames with branded names and logos. These frames are then sold to your local optometrist who then adds a further mark-up which in the end hurts you.

Why are we different?

Simple! We’re a vertically integrated company that designs and produces our own frames. We cut out the middle man and sell directly to you. More importantly we pass on these savings to you!   

How do our costs compare?


    Prescription Glasses Prescription Sunglasses
    James Bensen Local Optometrist James Bensen Local Optometrist
High Quality Frame with One Year Warranty   Included R 1 795 Included R 1 500
Light Weight Lens    Included R 600 - -
Anti Reflective Coating   Included R 500 - -
Prescription Polarised Lens   - Included R 1800
Total Cost   R 995 R 2 895 R 1 495 R 3 300
Cost Saving   R 1 900 65% R 1 805 55%