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Frequently Asked Questions


What do I need to order?

You will need a valid eyeglasses prescription and your pupillary distance (PD) which must be issued by a registered optometrist or ophthalmologist and should not be older than 2 years.

Pupillary Distance (PD) - Your PD is the distance in millimetres between your pupils in each eye and helps us position your lenses. You can ask your optometrist or ophthalmologist to include this number with your prescription or easily measure this with our online tool.

What if I need to change my order?

At James Bensen we strive for great service and as a result our orders are processed promptly. We will however do our best to accommodate any changes to your order. To change or cancel an order email us at support@jamesbensen.com.

How to track the status of my order?

To check the status of your order please log in to your account using your registered email address and password. 

How do I order multiple pairs of glasses with different prescriptions?

Please place separate orders for each pair of glasses using different prescriptions.


What is the Home Try-On program?

After browsing through our wide selection of frames select your favourite 5 by adding them to your shopping cart. We will then ship these frames to you (free of charge to all major cities). You will have 5 days to try them out at your leisure. Once you’ve found a pair (or two) that you love; notify us via email to collect your 5 frames from a location of your convenience (again free of charge). To learn more about the Home Try-On program visit our Home Try-On page.

Having trouble deciding on a frame?

No problem! Post your pictures on Instagram (#Jamesbensen), Twitter (@james_bensen) or Facebook (facebook.com/JamesBensensa) and let our James Bensen stylist provide you with expert advice (make sure your account isn’t on private).

I’ve found my favourite pair (or two) – what next?

Once you’ve decided which pair you’re keeping log in to your account and purchase them.

I thought the Home Try-On Program was free—why do you need my credit card?

The Home Try-On program is absolutely free. During the checkout process, you will be asked to provide a valid credit card before completing your order which is only required for security purposes. No charge will be run through your card at this stage as the Home Try-On program is a totally free 5-day trial. 

The only exception: In the event that you do not return your Home Try-On box with your 5 frames, or if it’s returned damaged, then we will need to charge the card for the full price for each outstanding or damaged frame. This equates to R995 per frame, our full retail price. In order to avoid this charge, your Home Try-On will need to be couriered (at our cost) by the fifth full day after delivery. If your Home Try-On period ends on a weekend or holiday, just arrange for pick up on the next working day.

What is the Virtual Try-On tool?

James Bensen’s Virtual Try-On allows you to try on all our frames (excluding rimless) on a real time photo or uploaded image of your face in a few clicks. Click the Virtual Try-On button on each product page, and use your webcam to take a picture of yourself, upload an existing photo, or use a model photo that matches your face shape to virtually try on different frame styles. Still not sure which is the best frame for you? Try our free Home Try-On program.


What do I need to know about my prescription before I order?

Before placing your order please ensure your prescription:

- is valid and written by a licensed optometrist/ophthalmologist; i.e. a prescription that is less than 2 years old (may differ from case to case).
- is for glasses and not contact lenses.
- includes your pupillary distance (PD). Your PD is the distance in millimeters between your pupils. If your prescription doesn’t include this measurement, you can measure you pupillary distance using our online pupillary distance tool.

How do I obtain a prescription?

You can obtain your prescription from your local optometrist. Don’t forget to ask him to include your pupillary distance (PD).  

What prescription strengths can you fill?

Lenses: We currently offer standard single vision lenses as well as high index single vision lenses. High index lenses are even thinner, lighter and flatter than our standard lenses. We recommend high index lenses when your prescription has a SPH (Sphere) of greater than +4 or less than -4. Please note that high index single vision lenses are optional and attract an additional fee.

All our lenses are European engineered, lightweight and include anti-scratch,anti-reflective and UV protection coatings (lens features that competitors would normally charge you extra for).


What different lens types do you offer?

James Bensen currently only offers single vision lenses. All our lenses are lightweight and include anti-reflective and anti-scratch coatings.

Where can I find the frame’s measurements?

Frame measurements are provided on each of James Bensen’s product pages and are marked as three numbers (for e.g. 54-17-138). In this example 54 refers to the lens width in millimetres (mm), 17 is the bridge width in mm and 138 tis he length of one of the temple arms in mm. By adding the lens and bridge width you can work out the frame size, for example 54+17=71mm. Narrow frames are 65-67mm, medium frames are 68-69mm and wide frames are 70+mm. So this particular frame at 71mm would be a wide frame. 

Where can I get my James Bensen frames adjusted?

If you feel your James Bensen frames need an adjustment you are welcome to take them to your nearest optometrist. Most optometrist’s offer this service free of charge. In the event that you do incur a cost within the first 14 days of purchase James Bensen will reimburse you up to R100 on submission of a valid invoice from a registered optometrist

What's the best way to clean my lenses?

Day-to-day cleaning:

Use the special micro fibre cloth provided in your James Bensen case.

Occasional clean:

Rinse your lenses’ with a mild dish washing soap and luke warm water. Dry them with an ultra-soft cloth. Do not use HOT water as this may damage your lenses. 


How long will it take for me to receive my glasses?

Delivery times to major cities within South Africa will be 5 to 8 working days and 8 to 14 working days to remote areas.

How can I get my glasses delivered quicker?

Can’t wait to get your new pair of glasses? Not to worry, let us know by mailing us at support@jamesbensen.com and we will expedite your order for an additional fee.

What does shipping cost?



Major cities - Free


Remote areas - Free


Home Try-On

Major cities - Free

Remote areas - R100

Do you offer international shipping?

Currently, we only ship within South Africa.

What is your return & warranty policy?

At James Bensen we pride ourselves on customer service. We offer a 14-day, no questions asked money back return policy.

For additional details regarding our return and warranty policy, please visit the returns and warranty page.

How do I return my glasses?

Email us at support@jamesbensen.com so we can initiate the return or exchange process.

What if I’m not happy with the fit of my frames?

We want you to look and feel absolutely amazing in your new frames. Each of our frames is only available in one size but we are happy to recommend a style that will fit better. You could also improve the fit by getting your frames adjusted at your nearest optometrist. Most optometrist’s offer this service free of charge or for a small fee. If you incur an adjustment cost within the first 14 days of purchase James Bensen will reimburse you up to R100 on submission of a valid invoice from a registered optometrist.

What do I do if I’m experiencing issues with my prescription?

It may take a few days to adjust to your new prescription. If you’re still experiencing issues after a couple of days please email us on support@jamesbensen.com and include a detailed description of the issues experienced. We will re-make you a pair and make sure it’s perfect.  

What do I do if I want to replace my lenses on my current frames?

We only replace lenses on James Bensen frames. Email support@jamesbensen.com to arrange for the collection of your old frames (collection is free of charge).  The cost of which is outlined below:

- Optical Lightweight lenses, including anti-scratch,anti-reflective and UV protection coatings (R500)

- Optical High Index 1.67 lenses, including anti-scratch,anti-reflective and UV protection coatings (R800)


Do you accept medical aid as payment for my eyeglasses?

We currently do no accept medical aid. 

Still have questions? Why not email us at support@jamesbensen.com ? We'll be glad to be of assistance.