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Need to look outstanding in an instant? Then Dean is the frame for you! With squared lenses and a dipped browline Dean is a nice choice for work and leisure.


Non Presciption Plano Lenses


  • Made from high quality acetate
  • Stainless steel hinges for enhanced durability


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Step 2: Prescription
Step 3: Extras
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  • Prescription

      SPH or RX ? Cyl ? Axis ?
    Right (OD) ?
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    Pupillary Distance (PD)?
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    EMAIL us your prescription at support@jamesbensen.com.

    FAX us your prescription on 086 515 1356.

    Please include your order number, the email address associated with your order and your prescription. This allows us to link your prescription to your order.

    You will also need to include your pupillary distance (PD) in your email or fax. You can measure your PD using our easy to use online tool.

    1Mb Max File Size

    We are happy to call your optometrist to get your prescription for you. (Please note, it may take additional time to process your order if you select this option.)

    If you plan on calling your optometrist yourself to obtain your prescription, please select the option "I will email or fax my Prescription to Bespecd later".

    Please complete the information below to assist us in contacting your optometrist to obtain your prescription.

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    This is because special additional measurements are required in order to ensure your glasses are perfectly accurate.

    You can also purchase our frames only and have your bifocal or progressive lenses fitted by your optometrist or at your local optical store. If you would like to do this you will receive R100 off the price. To do this select “Non-Prescription Glasses” and then “I just want the frames with no lenses”.

  • Extras

    Since your prescription has a SPH (sphere) value greater than +4 or less than -4, we recommend high index lenses for your frames. These lenses are even thinner, lighter and flatter than our standard lenses.
    Since your prescription has a SPH (sphere) value greater than +4 or less than -4, we highly recommend high index lenses for your frames.
DEAN (Pearl Black) R995
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Additional Information
Frame Shape Square
Size Medium
Material Acetate
Measurments 51-18-140
18 MM 51 MM 40 MM 45 MM 140 MM
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