James Bensen - The 5 Best Things About Wearing Glasses

Wearing eye glasses frames can be difficult. It can be inconvenient. The wrong frames can even be painful. But that’s not to say that those of us who wear them don’t like them. There are some great benefits to wearing glasses. Here are some of them!

People think we’re smart. Okay, so we all complain about that preconception but we also secretly like it.

- We get to wear an extra accessory. Wearing glasses are just another way of adding style to ouroutfits! 

- We get to shop, guilt-free. After all, for the visually impaired, glasses are a necessity! Great news for all of those shopaholics out there.

- All the cool kids are wearing them. Taylor Swift. Johnny Depp. Jennifer Aniston. Jay-Z. Tina Fey. Ryan Gosling. Mindy Kaling. Emma Stone. Okay, so this could go on for a while…

- They can really set off our features. Angular frames complement round faces. Round or oval frames can soften a square face. Browlines can balance a wide jawline.

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