James Bensen - Lens Coatings

Opticians and eye glasses frames retailers rave about their anti-scratch and anti-reflective lenses, with UV protection. We certainly do. These modern additions to the world of prescription glasses frames have made a huge difference in terms of comfort, convenience and quality. But you might find yourself wondering, what on earth these claims are all about? Questions like this become extra important when you’re buying your glasses online and don’t have an optometrist in front of you to ask. After all, you want to ensure that your lenses are of a high quality, so it makes sense to know all about them. Well, we’ll tell you! 

UV Protection

UV protection is given to lenses using an invisible dye to block ultraviolet light. Just like our skin, our eyes also need protecting from the sun’s rays. Protecting our eyes from UV light can aid in the prevention of conditions such as cataracts. 

Anti-Scratch Coating

Unfortunately, there’s just no such thing as scratch-proof but modern technology means that lenses are more scratch-resistant than ever before. These days, most lenses are made from lightweight materials such as plastics and polycarbonates, and are more easily scratched than the older glass lenses. The coating does not affect visibility through the lens; it merely acts as a clear, protective layer to help prevent scratching of the lens.

Anti-Reflective Coating

Anti-reflective coating, often referred to as anti-glare coating, and acts to eliminate glare and light reflections. It also helps to create an invisible look to the lenses so that they can hardly be seen when looking at someone’s eyes. The effects of an anti-reflective coating is particularly noticeable during bright sunlight and under the glare of lights at night.

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