The type of glasses we wear is a very personal choice; if eyes are the window to the soul, then glasses are their frames (excuse the pun). For some or all of your day, they form part of your face, so the style you choose can be a pretty big decision that you really want to get right.

Now, we’ve all been there – you order something online that you love, only to discover that it doesn’t look quite the same in person. At James Bensen, we want to ensure that you end up with the right glasses frames for you. So, we’ll send them to you to try on first – for free!

Our no-obligation Home Try-On scheme allows you to choose five frames, which we will ship to all major cities free of charge, for you to keep for up to five days. During this time, you can try them on to your heart’s content, giving you the time to decide which ones are right for you. Feel free to upload photos to Twitter, Facebook and Instagram to get your friends’ opinions or style advice from James Bensen’s very own in-house stylist. And don’t forget to tag us; we just love to see our frames in action! Then once you’ve made your decision, you can order your chosen style online. As for your try-on samples, just pack ’em up, email us your pick-up location and we’ll arrange for collection.

For more details on how the Home Try-On program works, check out