As anyone with prescription glasses frames will testify, there are more pros than cons to wearing them. Some of them are obvious, but others, only those who wear them will understand…

1. Feeling like the coolest person in the world in your new browlines…

2. …then instantly feeling like the exact opposite when you have to take them off and wipe them on your shirt to clean them.

3. Having the actual ability to walk around the house for half an hour looking for your glasses when they’re actually on your head.

4. How unfunny the phrase ‘four-eyes’ actually is…but you get the last laugh because specs are ultra-cool now.

5. Having a good old cry whilst wearing your glasses and then never being able to see again because you can’t get those splotches off the lenses.

6. Getting eye make-up smudges all over the lenses.

7. Quietly resenting people trying on your glasses but being too polite to sayknow. 

8. Seeing your favourite celebrity in their glasses and feeling really cool andsimultaneously annoyed with yourself that you didn’t buy the same style.

9. Your glasses sliding down your nose making you look like a strict librarian.

10. Being barely able to see in the shower.

11. The blind terror you feel when you open the oven door and your specs steam up so that you can’t actually see what it is you’re touching.

12. Being unable to watch a movie lying down because you’ll squish your frames.

13. The impact rain has on your ability to see anything around you.

14. Experiencing double the terror on theme park rollercoasters because you have to remove your glasses and can’t see anything.

15. Fogging up when you put your hot coffee anywhere near your face.

16. Having to somehow negotiate wearing 3D glasses as well as your normal specs when you go to the movies.

17. Making your dirty/wet glasses worse by wiping them on your woollen sweater or scarf. It gets you every time.

18. How uncomfortable it is to exercise and sweat with specs on.

19. Grease splatters on your lenses from cooking that delicious fry-up.

20. People constantly asking why you don’t just wear contacts and not understanding that you actually love your glasses.

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